Celebrity Trainer & 
Fitness Coach
  I train because I love it. I get to change the quality of lives, hearts and futures.”
-Colby Lefebvre

Coming from a family of several pro athl
I know what it takes to get in amazing shape. Whether you want
to get in shape for an upcoming wedding, class reunion, acting or modeling career, I can customize a workout program for you. Even if you are recovering from an injury, an athlete, or just want to feel better and more fit, let me help you transform your body!


I am based in Los Angeles on the west side at a private training gym. It offers full amenities, including free parking, showers, changing rooms, & free lockers. In addition, my hourly training rate is all inclusive, no gym membership required. 
At our gym, we use Hoist equipment, which has been shown to benefit your body's alignment and form in the best possible way, for maximum results with the least amount of strain on the joints and body. 

I am a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA), as well as a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach (FNC), and Certified Heart Rate Performance Specialist (HRS). I have three additional certifications by the National Safety Council (NSC) in First Aid, CPR & AED.

In the beginning of my career, before becoming a Private Trainer & Fitness Coach, I was voted number one trainer in the region for the  largest fitness chain in the US.

Complementary fitness assessment
Fitness is my passion and I believe everyone should know the state of their health. Whether we train together or not, I support your journey to a great, healthy life. I always offer a Complementary one hour fitness assessment of your goals, fitness level, weight, and over-all health. Knowing your BMI ratios, muscle density, dietary intake, and fitness capabilities is essential to making improvements in your life long journey to stay well. This is a comprehensive one hour evaluation. ($195 value)

With dedication and hard work, many of my clients see dramatic results within 8 short weeks. I also teach you how to change your lifestyle to maintain results. Whatever your goals, I  will personally give you the one-on-one attention to help you achieve them! Email me to set up a complementary consultation or ask me a question. 

FEATURED SUCCESS Stories: Byron f. and DIANA J.

Byron is one of my most amazing client stories. He was looking to burn fat, shed pounds, and gain muscle. At our first meeting, Byron weighed in at 370 pounds. Within the first month Byron had lost 20 pounds. He followed my custom plan, even coming 30 minutes early for extra cardio.

After training with Byron for 4½ months, an astounding 90 pounds was gone and muscle started showing. 10 months later he had lost a total 150 pounds!  He even started trying boxing and other things he only dreamed of doing before his weight loss.

Byron had the courage to start a new amazing life. No magic pill, no surgery,  just working hard to get the results he wanted and owed to himself! After using the techniques I taught him, he has maintained his goals for over 2 years now!

Diana came to me as a hard working woman who felt her strength and energy were an issue, and wanted to find a way to get back into great shape. Having a hectic career and family life, she felt she'd let herself slip past where she wanted to be. Her primary goals were: lose weight, gain muscle, and redesign a vegan food plan for healthy living.

Being a vegan, she faced special challenges building muscle with her limited plant-based protein diet.  I worked with her to restructure her eating habits while still being able to include her favorite vegan foods. I trained her 3 times a week for a period of 6 months.

Diana was a trooper and really fell in love with weight training. The diet changes were the biggest challenge, but by the end Diana had completely reshaped her entire body, diet and

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