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Sarah H., Former Star of Nickelodeon Show             "Unfabulous", Actress & Model

"When I thought about hiring a personal trainer, I was very hesitant. I thought I knew enough about working out to get myself into shape 
and honestly, how much do trainers really know? Will I just be wasting my money? I've trained with other trainers and was never really satisfied. I had tons of doubts. Then, I met Colby and my attitude towards trainers was completely changed. 

When we met for the first time, I instantly felt comfortable. We started out by discussing some basic topics like medical history, fitness history and even diet. He seemed to know exactly what to ask and how to respond. We did full measurements including body fat %. Then it was off to our first work out. 

Wow! What a great workout. He challenged me but was still pretty easy for the first time just to see what my limits were and where my strong and weak points were. All clients are individuals and Colby really pays attention to each persons body and needs. I woke up sore the next day and was convinced he knew what he was doing. Not only were the exercises challenging, but they were kind of fun!

After just two weeks of training with Colby, I saw some major results. Clothes were fitting better and I just felt better in my everyday routine. Then we did measurements and numbers don't lie! All my numbers went down! Body fat percentage went down, pounds went down, inches were lost! I was so thrilled to see results like that, I couldn't wait to see the results after another 2 weeks with Colby.

Colby is a great trainer and motivator. He keeps you doing those last 5 curls when you want to stop at 10. He always has a smile on his face and is rooting for you to succeed. He is extremely personable and makes friendships with his clients. We've had some great conversations over intense crunches. Colby helped me set a goal for myself and is going above and beyond to make sure I get there. He really keeps up on his clients’ nutrition and workouts, and gives any advice you need on either topic. He knows so much about this field, you can pretty much ask him anything and he'll have an answer for you. I highly recommend any man or woman of any age who is looking to get into amazing shape and have fun while doing it to train with Colby. I've been nothing but happy with our sessions together and the results I'm getting.”

Sarah H., Actress & Model

"Like every bride, I wanted to look my best at my wedding. So, about a year before the wedding I  really started to focus on working out, and I did fairly well on my own. However, I eventually hit a wall and was no longer making any progress. That's when I decided to work with a personal trainer. Colby and I met exactly 10 weeks before my wedding. He asked me what my goals were and I looked at him and said, 'You have 10 weeks to make me look amazing'. His response was, 'Let's get to it'. Long story short, I had already purchased my dress, and it fit like a glove. After 8 weeks with Colby, the seamstress had to take it in 4.5 inches!! I was so happy I almost cried."                                                                                     -Bridget P., Newlywed 

Byron is one of my most amazing client stories. He was looking to burn fat, shed pounds, and gain muscle. At our first meeting, Byron weighed in at 370 pounds and spoke almost no English. With a translator he expressed that He knew what he wanted to accomplish, and came into the gym motivated and ready to work hard. 

I decided that the best approach was going to be for me to physically show him how to do each exercise, doing the workouts with him, until he copied my every move, learning the proper stance, and which muscles to use. As we learned each others languages. I had his diet and exercise plans translated in Spanish so he could use them more easily.

Within the first month Byron had lost 20 pounds. Not even the language barrier kept him from his goal. He followed my custom plan, even coming 30 minutes early for extra cardio. After training with Byron for 4½ months, an astounding 90 pounds was gone and muscle started showing. 10 months later he had lost a total 150 pounds!  He even started trying boxing and other things he only dreamed of doing before his weight loss. 

Byron had the courage to start a new amazing life. No magic pill, no surgery,  
just working hard to get the results he wantedand owed to himself! Byron has corazón (heart)! 
-Byron, Truck Driver


"Training and filming fitness videos with Colby was really fun. Colby is one of the most down to earth, cool people to work with!"
-Amanda J., Model & Actress

Steven came to me never having even worked out. With a career in Aerospace Engineering designing rockets that keeps him very busy at a desk all day long. A naturally slim man, he wanted to gain muscle and strength. I developed a training program with a diet built for muscle gain. Three days a week he came in later after work to train and learn how to work out. In just two and a half months Steven gained 15 pounds of muscle. 

-Colby for Steven, Aerospace Engineer

 "I don't like working out, but when I trained with Colby, he pushed me to do things I didn't want to do so I could get results. He had the patience to walk through the steps with me. A Colby Lefebvre: If you don't have one, get one!
-Nicole N., Playboy Playmate & Reality TV Star 

"When my doctor told me I had very high cholesterol and wanted to put me on medication I opted for a diet change and exercise. I joined the gym and started to train with Colby. I started working out two days a week and slowly began to lose weight. After several weeks of working hard I started to notice a difference in my body. I then began to train three times a week. I started following Colby’s advice about my eating habits and after about four months I noticed a huge difference.

 I lost 20 pounds and 10% of body fat, gained 9 pounds of muscle, all while lowering my cholesterol. I had more energy to get up and out the door. My confidence and motivation grew as well from the comments I received from family, co-workers, and friends. All those compliments help to fuel my desire to look and feel my best. This motivation combined with Colby’s expertise and positive attitude, have produced fast results. I look and feel the best I have since high school.

Colby is knowledgeable, patient, inspiring and dedicated to your success. He meets you where you are in life and takes you forward without being pushy. He works within your goals and provides the best workout for you. His workouts are designed to get you the fastest results possible in the least amount of time, because we all know how precious time is. He is not a time waster, who just goes through the motions. I think anyone who “really” wants to change their lives for the better should train with Colby. You will not regret it."

-Jeff C., Educator

"Training and filming fitness videos with Colby has taught me about exercise. Working out has never been fun for me, but with Colby he knows how to keep me focused enough to get results. I like that he can read my motivation level during training and adjust my sessions to help me stay on track."

-Buffy T, Playboy Playmate & Model

Diana came to me as a hard working woman who felt her strength and energy were an issue, and wanted to find a way to get back into great shape.Having a hectic career and family life, she felt she'd let herself slip past where she wanted to be. Her primary goals were: lose weight, gain muscle, and redesign a vegan food plan for healthy living.

Being a vegan, she faced special challenges building muscle with her limited plant-based protein diet.  I worked with her to  restructure her eating habits while still being able to include her favorite vegan foods. I trained her 3 times a week for a period of 6 months.

Diana was a trooper and really fell in love with weight training. The diet changes were the biggest challenge, but by the end Diana had completely reshaped her entire body, diet and
-Colby for Diana J.


"Colby has been by my side for my training and nutritional needs since day one. Because of his expertise and passion, I have been able to be satisfied with my fitness goals and continue to advance in my modeling career."
-Mish Lyn, Model
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