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 Being a World Welterweight Champion is extremely hard work and I have mad respect for Andre Berto. He was born in Haiti and his family is self-made. A truly gifted athlete, Andre won over 200 amateur fights before going pro. 

I think training with a top world ranked fighter was one of the most valuable experiences of my career to date. It was an honor to travel to Florida to be a part of fight training camps and learn moves from one of the top fight trainers, Tony Morgan. I take those training drills and sessions and apply them to the athletes I train today.

Andre & Cleveland Berto were like brothers to me. We lived together, traveled together, and trained together. To train at that level and win is no joke. To see Andre at the fights and be prepped from all his hard work and training was amazing! To be there when he won a world title- Priceless!

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I've had the honor of training many celebrities, but one of my favorite experiences was working at Warner Brothers Studios to train the star of the hit show "Chuck" on NBC, Zachary Levi. 

Zachary has great genetics to begin with, so we were focused on targeted muscle building so he could take on more action roles. I have been extremely thrilled to see Zachary's career continue to grow.

When you train with someone on set everyday, you become close and get to know each other very well. His sister Shekinah was there on set assisting him.  I liked them both very much as people. They both grew to be two of my favorite individuals and after spending Thanksgiving with his family, I can see how lucky Zach is to have a family who are down to earth and supportive!

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Being contacted by Dominique Dawes to do a segment for fitness on Yahoo News was quite an honor. We had a memorable time filming together and she is a class act! 

Dominique is currently a Motivational Speaker, News Broadcaster, and Fitness Advocate, even helping Michelle Obama at the White House with her Youth Fitness & Nutrition Awareness Program.

She is also an Olympic Gold Medalist and notably the first African American to win an Individual Gold Medal in gymnastics. Her career is extensive as an athlete, having competed in 3 separate Olympic games, winning a total of 4 different metals. Her U.S. Senior National Competition record is one of the best, winning 15 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze. At the World Championship level she also won 4 medals.

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Suzanne Stokes started out as a Hawaiian Tropic Beauty Pageant winner, earning the title "Miss United States." She later became a Playboy Playmate, and an internationally known model. Suzanne has been in over one hundred magazines and is also starring in commercials, TV shows, movies, and other media in her career. She is most popularly known for her appearances on the Howard Stern Show. 

I've had the honor of working with over twenty known actresses & models, but for me, Suzanne is a standout in terms of her drive and determination. If you tell her she's reached her limit, she wants to lift heavier. This, as a coach and trainer, is ideal to have someone who wants to be pushed to the limits.

Some clients need more pushing, but with Suzanne it's about showing her proper form techniques and setting boundaries on how hard she works out so she doesn't over-train. We had a great time shooting for a magazine and filming a fitness video this year, and she impressed me greatly with her fitness training endurance. 

Now more popular than ever in just this year alone, Suzanne has gotten over twenty magazine features, like the cover of Dub, FHM, and Maxim. I am proud to see her career getting even bigger with each new day, knowing she is in better shape than when she started modeling at sixteen. Suzanne proves you can stay in demand in the competitive world of modeling if you workout and eat well to maintain your physical health, beauty, and wellness.

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Being a professional athlete takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and dedication. Brandee and Natalie are some of the best in the business! The Miami Heat just won their second back to back NBA Championship.  As the NBA winning  team's dancers, bringing the crowd to life and entertaining thousands of fans at every game without any mistakes in performance is a tremendous pressure.

As NBA Professional level performers, Natalie & Brandee workout and rehearse 6 hours a day, 5 days a week to be the best professional dancers they can be, having memorized over 75 routines at any given time. The Pro-Level Dance performer puts in thousands of rehearsals, training, performances, and hours. At this level, dancers are never even given a contract like other pro-level athletes. They must re-audition and get resigned with a new contract each year. I have a great respect for them as athletes to be this dedicated and conditioned to stay at the top of their sport to get that contract!

Recently while training with Natalie and Brandee and shooting fitness videos in Miami on South Beach with them, I learned a new respect for this type of athlete. For their off season lives, I taught them how to work out on the go while maintaining endurance and muscle while on hiatus. In exchange Brandee & Natalie taught me a few professional dance moves. This was one of my most entertaining and memorable experiences. Believe me they make it look easy, but it is not!