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Fitness modeling is something I have just gotten into recently. Being asked to shoot for fitness magazines and ads has been amazing!  Especially to be seen by my peers and those I have admired. I've recently been sponsored by a Fitness Company as an athlete, and can't wait to have more sponsorship as I go forward in Fitness Competing and Modeling.

In addition, I have been shooting a large variety of men's swimwear and underwear lines as well. I have been honored to be featured in several magazines and sites.

I shot my first fitness DVD series 2 years ago for a company as the lead model. Since then, I have pursued shooting my own fitness series for both men and women and now have 2 fitness-based companies. I've been thrilled to see the response. The future is bright and I hope to continue to be a fitness model and grow my product line for fitness and workout DVDs.

For years I've enjoyed a modeling career, but recently I've taken it more seriously and it's paid off. I've done Runway, Fashion, Print, & Commercials. I like to stay busy between fitness coaching, filming fitness DVDs, competing & modeling. I couldn't be more excited for each new opportunity.

Modeling runs in my family. My mother was a model featured in Vidal Sassoon Commercials as the blonde, blue-eyed beauty, and modeled for many other major brands during her career. 

My first big modeling job was for Abercrombie & Fitch. When I was younger, someone sent my pictures in to an agent. Within a short time I was hand picked by Abercrommbie and Flown into Canada to Prince Edward Island to shoot for several days. Bruce Weber shot me for Abercrombie & Hollister during my stay. 

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Recently, I decided I wanted to try competing on a National and International level in Natural Fitness Competitions. I compete up to five times a year around the world.

Since becoming a Fitness Athlete, I have a newfound respect for the bodybuilders and fitness competitors. The dedication it requires to be the best in this sport is astounding. The sheer discipline it takes to train for months while eating every 2 hours, with specific carbohydrate to protein ratios, vitamin supplements, daily workouts, and cardio has really taught me discipline on a whole new level. It is a true science-based lifestyle.  

As I train for these competitions, I'm reshaping my body in ways I never thought I could before by focusing on targeted muscle groups. It has been very rewarding and motivating to get on stage and see the rewards pay off. The program I developed for myself is also one I use on my clients who wish compete in any pro level sport.

As a first time competitor at Model America last November, I was excited to place 3rd in the United States finals with close to five hundred other athletes and models. This June I traveled to Fitness Universe to compete in the world finals with over four hundred competitors from over thirty countries. I was privileged to place 2nd in the Male Model Division. I am looking forward to continuing my journey as a competitor and athlete.