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"Amazing! I am a playboy playmate and he did an amazing job! I need to be in shape for film and TV and he knows his stuff! All of my celebrity friends use him now! 1000% recommend for anyone!" - Suzanne S, Model & Actress 

"I've been seeing Colby for over four years, he is always professional, knowledgeable, and able to adjust workouts to my physical limitations. He also pushes me when I don't want to be pushed. Plus, he has the best sense of humor, he makes working out fun!" - Lynn G, Accountant

"In the past year, I changed my body composition and became extremely fit and lean with eating right and working out. Because I wanted to take that to the next level, I wanted not just any trainer, but a GREAT trainer that knew how to train me in the most efficient way possible. I didn't need someone to motivate me. I needed someone who understood each muscle group and how to target specific ones so that I could change my body in the way that I wanted to. Colby was THAT guy. He has an excellent understanding of the human body. He knows how to grow each muscle and challenge me. He also knows how to work with injuries. When I separated my shoulder from snowboarding, he helped me rehabilitate it AND because I couldn't lift, he helped me develop super strong legs. I love lifting with him. I love that he isn't afraid to push me to my limit. I love that he isn't afraid to challenge a small 5"0 and that soon, he had me lifting more than some guys! :) I definitely saw results! Try him! You'll like him!" - Lisa Y, Registered Nurse

"My experience with Colby was amazing. I've approached Colby last year with a "I need a 6 pack" request and now, not only the transformation was spectacular but also people started admiring for the kind of body that I have right now. Will highly recommend his training regime to anyone." - Aju T, Computer Engineer

"I have been working with Colby for 6-months now, and he delivers professional results. Colby is always trying to educate you on new methods, he stays current with the latest trends, and yet avoids the misleading fads. I have worked out at Crossfit, and at Athlete's Performance (trainers of D. Beckham, Britney Spears, and numerous athletes worldwide) - Colby is definitely in this league. He always shows-up, he is never sick, never late, and never talks about himself or gossips. He is an extreme professional. He has all types of clientele, men, women, gay, straight, and is one of the most compassionate people I have come to know in LA. He has an athletic background, so he is not some "actor" or model trying to pay rent with his training....this is what he does, everything else comes second to his clients. If you come to Colby, you won't be ready for results." - Garrett D, Venture Capitalist

"Training with Colby has been amazing!  it is vital to my career that I stay in shape especially in Hollywood! No wonder the national fitness shows have been courting him for the spotlight! It doesn't surprise me! I have relied on him as an actress and model. Having won over 10 beauty pageants, booked many National commercials, Playboy, Hawaiian Tropic,  TV shows, and had the honor of being in over 20 magazines, including Cosmopolitan as a model -. I would not have a career without training. Colby pushes me when I am tired and uninspired and keeps me going when I say "I can't". I know if you want a cool, motivated, trainer, Colby is your Guy to give a shot to. I have several friends I've referred and all of them have gotten great results and booked more because of his workouts! Thanks Colby! Truly! Congrats on your recent national attention! Well- deserved!" - Michelle L, Actress & Model

"Excellent trainer, my body has never looked better! He is also making me stronger, which has really improved my tennis game. I am overall very happy with my results. :-) " - Lisa M, Business Owner

"I trained with Colby for 2 years and have had a very positive experience. I am not a model, but my health and fitness is important to me. Colby has a very professional and motivating approach. One thing that really worked for me is that he is always changing up the workout for maximum results. He also practices what he preaches. Look at him! Besides his fitness knowledge, he is a very down to earth human being. I have a high pressure job and sometimes I come in to work out and I am not very approachable. Colby knows how to channel that negative energy into a productive workout. He also encouraged me to take up running to clear my head on non-gym days. His high energy approach has been a true gift! Male or female, if you are serious about results, this is the trainer for you!" Brittany S, Therapist

"I was referred to Colby by one of my closest friends who spoke very highly of him. It took some time to convince me but after seeing her transformation from working out with him, I was sold. He coaches me on nutrition and shows me how to work out when I'm not training with him. During my workout sessions, he tunes all distractions away and focuses on me by ensuring I’m getting the best work out and that I'm doing it properly. He holds me accountable of my diet which is something that I never had to do before and provides positive reinforcement to ensure I stay on track. Because of my training with Colby, I can now be a good example to my daughter. She enjoys watching me get thinner because we get to do more fun things together. I’m so happy that Colby is helping me get my life back." - Aleyda A, Human Resources Supervisor

"Colby is an exceptional trainer! His passion for what he does shows during every one of our training sessions. I really enjoy working out with him, he is tough but also manages to make the experience fun and motivating and the best part is I am loving how my body looks because he gets results!" - Beth T, Producer

"I did a lot of research on the internet on Fitness Trainers before deciding on Colby and was thoroughly impressed & satisfied with the training program he set out for me. I loved the professionalism of the whole experience; his knowledge, work ethic, the FACILITY & STAFF. It was not a "meat locker" but people with a common purpose working hard to attain it. What I love was Colby was 100% on me in training. No wandering eyes, answering calls with other clients and NEVER gave me the sense he was bored with what he was doing. Always encouraging and keenly aware of what I was going through mentally as well as physically. Though I have moved out of the area, I still hit him up asking advice & he always responds; he is the man! Try that with some of the other trainers after your contract is up! Highly recommend him to anyone that is serious about their training on ALL levels. I am no pin up model lol. Thanks Colby!" - Derek N, Music Composer and Songwriter 

"Colby became my personal trainer in 2011. I thought I was in good shape to begin with but wanted someone who could take me to another level. Colby did just that. Within a few weeks I started noticing changes. My arms got bigger, my chest, shoulders and back became more defined. There are many great trainers in Los Angeles, the "fitness capital" of the U.S. but what separates Colby from others is not only his fitness knowledge but his passion and compassion for his clients. He knows how to motivate you without being overly aggressive to the point where you become deflated..."I can't do this anymore." He tailors workouts for that individual. I travel a lot for work and find it difficult to have a regular workout routine. Colby not only worked me hard during our session but taught me how to maintain my results even when I couldn't make it to the gym. He cared about ME and wanted me to be the best I could be." - George C, Writer & Director

"I have been working with Colby for 8 months now, and I am a completely different person as a result of his coaching. When I went to him, I had an injury that made it painful to even walk. Not only did he strengthen me to heal from that, he inspired me to want to do more. I had no sense of balance and used to drive circles around the parking lot to get the spot closest to the door. Now I exercise nearly every day and I am happy to do it! I never in my LIFE had a single visible muscle and now I am proud to say I have many and my appearance has changed drastically. Besides the fact that Colby is super personable and enjoyable to chat with for an hour a day three days a week, he really knows how to train your body to do it's best and to look it's best. I only refer my best friends to him! He is an amazing personal trainer!" - Xochitl N,Computer Analyst

"Being an actress and model, you always want to stay in top shape. Colby really helped me get my body lean and toned. He taught me how to prep meals and stay consistent. I've been able to book national commercials, playboy, and many print jobs because he focused my training and diet. I know there are a lot of trainers in LA- I've had 3 before him. Colby is the first one who was worth the money! He is a top professional - and he trains everyone with the same respect- from stay at home moms to CEOs and stars. I've been a client since late 2009." - Jessica C, Actress & Model

"Making the decision to work with Colby Lefebvre ended up being one of the best decisions I have ever made. Prior to working with Colby I had always wondered what would happen if I trained like a top pro! How would my body change? What could I achieve? Colby showed me exactly what I could accomplish if I increased my training and changed my eating habits to healthier more nutritional choices. I learned a lot about nutrition and how important combining the way I eat with cardio and resistance training is and it completely changed my way of eating and training, it is not just a diet and workout program anymore, but a lifestyle. I achieved things I never thought possible. Not only did his training sessions lead me to incredible weight loss but it transformed my life forever. Each day I use the principals that Colby taught me and it's kept me on track toward being the best shape of my life. I still have work to do but know I will be successful using what Colby has taught me. It wasn't just Colby's knowledge and expertise that pushed me toward success. It was his kind and empathetic approach. This isn't to say that he didn't push me or hold me accountable but he did so in a way that made me feel comfortable and supported. I didn't feel like some muscle head was just walking though the motions with me collecting a fee, but rather I felt a partner was walking with me on my journey offering support, encouragement, and a genuine desire to see me succeed. If I was having a bad day, he stopped the physical component of our session and took the time to dialogue with me, asking me what was going on in my life, what I was feeling, and how he could help get me back on track. He was always available to answer my questions, even with his busy schedule. I talked to Colby almost everyday during the time he was my trainer and he always gave me his full attention. In my 45 years I've had a few trainers, but none as awesome inspiring as Colby. I have never seen the results accomplished with Colby from any of the other trainers I've gone to. Had I not needed to relocate out of state, I would still be seeing Colby and loving every minute of it. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve they're way of life." - Dennis E, Registered Nurse

"I've just come back from a training session with Colby. We've been working together for 8 months and I have continued our working relationship for three reasons; 
1) He knows his stuff. He listened carefully to me when I started working with him, found out what was important to me and what I wanted to achieve. The sessions are tailored to me and each one brings results. I feel it each and every time. And I although I'm working out harder than I have done before, the time flies by. 
2) He thinks about the bigger picture. Colby didn't just look at the workout side of my life. He took into account each of my fitness goals and looked at my overall life, at factors that would impact my ability to get to my goals and be successful. My diet is a good example of that. We've worked together to maximize the value of my workouts through not just lifting weights and doing cardio, but by ensuring I have a solid meal plan that will help me towards my goals. This is essential to my overall success.
3) Finally, and by no means least, when you're spending hours each week with someone, you want to have a good time. Colby makes the sessions fun and this has helped me both achieve my goals and also want to change them so my goals are bigger. There's no limit to what I can achieve, and I'm sure Colby will be there to help me out each step of the way. 5 star service - thank you, Colby!"
- Rob W, CEO

"I've been seeing Colby for the past year and he has changed my body. I've been to a dozen "celebrity" trainers in NYC and LA and they all couldn't do what Colby has done for me. I've lost fat, gained muscle, and learned proper nutrition. Colby has been great to work with, and I recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer." - Anthony D, Agent

"Colby was my personal trainer for about a year and he is amazing at what he does. I've had other personal trainers in the past and he is by far the best. I saw immediate results and continued to see even more results throughout the year. He was always pushing me to the next level even if I felt like I wanted to give up. In addition to providing personal training, he discusses proper nutrition to meet your goals. He was always available to answer any questions I had.I would see Colby's other clients in passing and also noticed dramatic results with them throughout the year. If I hadn't relocated to NYC I would still be working out with him. I highly recommend Colby if you are serious about results and want a trainer who genuinely cares about you and your fitness goals." - Randy Y, Lionsgate Films

"Colby is great!!! I set out on a mission to lose weight and tone up for my wedding, and I've lost 18lbs so far! I still have 2 months to go and Colby won't rest until I will look "AMAZING" on my wedding day. I highly recommend him!" - Sonia G, Univision

"I've trained with Colby for over 2 years, and he continues to create workouts for me that are different and increasingly difficult, allowing me to continue to gain muscle strength and tone my physique. He also helped rehabilitate a chronic neck injury I've suffered with for years, by giving me exercises to do that strengthened the muscles in and around my neck, so now I rarely have any pain or other issues with the injury. Colby recognizes that no two clients are alike, and he gives different workouts to everyone based on their goals, body types, injuries, etc., and he devotes his full attention to you and is extremely upbeat and motivating. I would definitely recommend him." - Michelle G, Attorney at Law

"I have trained with Colby for about a year now. It that time I have seen amazing change due to incredible knowledge, patience and persistence. He has helped me exceed my goals and I am in the best shape I have ever been. Colby is a great trainer, with the knowledge and patience to help anyone achieve their fitness goals." - Hector G, Computer Engineer

"I had the opportunity to train with Colby and must say it was one of the best experiences I have ever had with a P.T. While most trainers see theirs clients as simply that, clients, Colby goes that extra step to get to know his clients to make sure he is providing the best possible training and diet regime. He is passionate about his work and it shows when you train with him. If you are looking for a trainer that will push you, motivate you, and bring out the best in you, then Colby would be fitting. If you just want someone to chit chat with while you work out then this guy might not be the one for you. That's not saying that he is not social cause he is. He will make your training sessions fun and motivating, but he does not lose track of the reason you're there to begin with. From personal experience. Since my first meeting (Evaluation) with Colby on 3/3/14 I have gone from 285+lbs down to 247lbs (6/17/14) and counting. Great diet and simple work out regime.... for now." - Art B, Retail Sales Manager

"I am quite the picky client and when searching for a personal trainer I went through 10 trainers before I was lucky enough to find Colby. Many people can say they are a "personal trainer" however just because you have the title doesn't mean you are good at it. I can honestly say Colby is THE BEST. Not only has he motivated me to do things I would've never tried on my own. He is also helping me reach my weight loss and fitness goals. I know that with someone like him by my side I will reach every goal I have set for myself. Besides being a wonderful person/trainer he genuinely cares about his clients and when you meet him you will see that for yourself." - Wendy F, Law Firm Accountant